Proof State Quarter Mintage

The popular 50 State Quarters Program was launched in 1999 and began a resurgence in interest in coin collecting. During the course of the ten year series, fifty different quarters would be issued to represent each of the states of the union. The mintages for the Proof State Quarters were only a fraction of the massive numbers of quarters minted for circulation. These collector versions of the coins were only issued within certain collectible products offered by the United States Mint.

1999-S Proof Delaware State Quarter
1999-S Proof Delaware State Quarter

The obverse design of each State Quarter features a portrait of George Washington based on the work of John Flanagan. However, William Cousins performed modifications to the original design, including some of the wording previously used on the reverse of the Washington Quarter. The reverse design of each quarter features a unique design representing each state. Over the years, the depictions have included important people or places associated with the state, outlines of the state map, or symbols related to the state.

Proof State Quarters were issued with the United States Mint’s annual Proof Sets. These sets included the cent, nickel(s), dime, half dollar, and dollar(s) issued for each year, along with the five quarters. The Proof quarters were also included in separate five coin sets that were offered separately by the Mint.

Proof State Quarter Notes:

  • The mintage for each of the quarters issued during a certain year are the same, since all five coins were only sold in products packaged together.
  • Proof versions of the State Quarter were issued in both clad and silver composition. The clad coins had a composition of .750 copper and .250 nickel, while the silver coins had a composition of .900 silver and .100 copper.
  • Overall, the United States Mint issued 153,296,970 clad composition and 61,087,495 silver composition Proof State Quarters.
  • There were a total of 100 different issues, which were each struck at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark.
  • In 2009, the Mint issued an additional six quarters as part of the 50 State Quarter Program to recognize the District of Columbia and the five U.S. territories, and Proof versions were issued in both the clad and silver composition.
  • The highest mintage occurred in 2000 for the Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Virginia designs at 4,020,172 each.
  • The lowest mintage occurred in 2008 for the Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii designs at 2,078,112 each.

1999 Proof State Quarters Mintages:

1999-S Delaware3,713,359
1999-S Silver Delaware804,565
1999-S Pennsylvania3,713,359
1999-S Silver Pennsylvania804,565
1999-S New Jersey3,713,359
1999-S Silver New Jersey804,565
1999-S Georgia3,713,359
1999-S Silver Georgia804,565
1999-S Connecticut3,713,359
1999-S Silver Connecticut804,565
Total: 22,589,620

2000 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2000-S Massachusetts4,020,172
2000-S Silver Massachusetts965,421
2000-S Maryland4,020,172
2000-S Silver Maryland965,421
2000-S South Carolina4,020,172
2000-S Silver South Carolina965,421
2000-S New Hampshire4,020,172
2000-S Silver New Hampshire965,421
2000-S Virginia4,020,172
2000-S Silver Virginia965,421
Total: 24,927,965

2001 Proof State Quarters Mintages:

2001-S New York3,094,140
2001-S Silver New York889,697
2001-S North Carolina3,094,140
2001-S Silver North Carolina889,697
2001-S Rhode Island3,094,140
2001-S Silver Rhode Island889,697
2001-S Vermont3,094,140
2001-S Silver Vermont889,697
2001-S Kentucky3,094,140
2001-S Silver Kentucky889,697
Total: 19,919,185

2002 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2002-S Tennessee3,084,245
2002-S Silver Tennessee892,229
2002-S Ohio3,084,245
2002-S Silver Ohio892,229
2002-S Louisiana3,084,245
2002-S Silver Louisiana892,229
2002-S Indiana3,084,245
2002-S Silver Indiana892,229
2002-S Mississippi3,084,245
2002-S Silver Mississippi892,229
Total: 19,882,370

2003 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2003-S Illinois3,408,516
2003-S Silver Illinois1,125,755
2003-S Alabama3,408,516
2003-S Silver Alabama1,125,755
2003-S Maine3,408,516
2003-S Silver Maine1,125,755
2003-S Missouri3,408,516
2003-S Silver Missouri1,125,755
2003-S Arkansas3,408,516
2003-S Silver Arkansas1,125,755
Total: 22,671,355

2004 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2004-S Michigan2,740,684
2004-S Silver Michigan1,769,786
2004-S Florida2,740,684
2004-S Silver Florida1,769,786
2004-S Texas2,740,684
2004-S Silver Texas1,769,786
2004-S Iowa2,740,684
2004-S Silver Iowa1,769,786
2004-S Wisconsin2,740,684
2004-S Silver Wisconsin1,769,786
Total: 22,552,350

2005 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2005-S California3,262,960
2005-S Silver California1,678,649
2005-S Minnesota3,262,960
2005-S Silver Minnesota1,678,649
2005-S Oregon3,262,960
2005-S Silver Oregon1,678,649
2005-S Kansas3,262,960
2005-S Silver Kansas1,678,649
2005-S West Virginia3,262,960
2005-S Silver West Virginia1,678,649
Total: 24,708,045

2006 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2006-S Nevada2,882,428
2006-S Silver Nevada1,585,008
2006-S Nebraska2,882,428
2006-S Silver Nebraska1,585,008
2006-S Colorado2,882,428
2006-S Silver Colorado1,585,008
2006-S North Dakota2,882,428
2006-S Silver North Dakota1,585,008
2006-S South Dakota2,882,428
2006-S Silver South Dakota1,585,008
Total: 22,337,180

2007 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2007-S Montana2,374,778
2007-S Silver Montana1,313,481
2007-S Washington2,374,778
2007-S Silver Washington1,313,481
2007-S Idaho2,374,778
2007-S Silver Idaho1,313,481
2007-S Wyoming2,374,778
2007-S Silver Wyoming1,313,481
2007-S Utah2,374,778
2007-S Silver Utah1,313,481
Total: 18,441,295

2008 Proof State Quarter Mintages:

2008-S Oklahoma2,078,112
2008-S Silver Oklahoma1,192,908
2008-S New Mexico2,078,112
2008-S Silver New Mexico1,192,908
2008-S Arizona2,078,112
2008-S Silver Arizona1,192,908
2008-S Alaska2,078,112
2008-S Silver Alaska1,192,908
2008-S Hawaii2,078,112
2008-S Silver Hawaii1,192,908
Total: 16,355,100

2009 Proof District of Columbia & U.S. Territories Quarter Mintages:

2009-S District of Columbia2,113,478
2009-S Silver District of Columbia996,548
2009-S Puerto Rico2,113,478
2009-S Silver Puerto Rico996,548
2009-S Guam2,113,478
2009-S Silver Guam996,548
2009-S American Samoa2,113,478
2009-S Silver American Samoa996,548
2009-S U.S. Virgin Islands2,113,478
2009-S Silver U.S. Virgin Islands996,548
2009-S Northern Mariana Islands2,113,478
2009-S Silver Northern Mariana Islands996,548
Total: 15,550,130