Liberty Seated Quarters Mintage

The Liberty Seated Quarter was issued for a lengthy period of 53 years, which would only be surpassed by the modern Washington type issued half a century later. Throughout the long duration of the series, numerous design and composition changes resulted in an abundance of subtypes for collectors to pursue. The mintage levels for the series dipped to extraordinary lows at several points throughout the series.

Flowing Hair Dollar

The first silver dollars were produced in the United States in the year 1794. The denomination made only a minor start with a severely limited mintage, followed by a second year where the production level was increased. This type represents one of the most desired in American coinage due to the great historical significance.

Draped Bust Quarter

The twenty five cent denomination was introduced after both smaller and higher denominations had already made their appearance within the early United States. Despite the utility of the quarter in the present day, in early America it was too large for every day commerce and too small for silver depositors to request.

Flowing Hair Large Cents Mintage

The large cent denomination was underway in 1793 with the Flowing Hair design. Within the course of just a single year, the original design was modified with a new reverse, and then the obverse design was also changed to create a new series. These early cents are extremely scarce and the life-long focus of some advanced collectors.

Capped Bust Dimes Mintage

The mintages for the Capped Bust Dime series were generally higher than the previous series for the denomination. The quantities even stretched above the one million mark, a level that might have seemed unheard of when looking at the initial years of production. Nearly all issues of the series can be reasonably obtained, making for a collectible series at various grade levels.

Capped Bust Dime

The obverse design of the coin features Liberty, wearing a cap, giving rise to the common name for the series. Stars appear to each side, numbering thirteen in total, representing the number of states within the union. The date appears below. On the reverse design is an eagle with a shield at its chest and arrows and an olive branch grasped in its talons. The motto “E Pluribus Unum” appears above with the denomination expressed below.