Flowing Hair Dollar

The first silver dollars were produced in the United States in the year 1794. The denomination made only a minor start with a severely limited mintage, followed by a second year where the production level was increased. This type represents one of the most desired in American coinage due to the great historical significance.

The obverse design of the coin features a depiction of Liberty as required under law. She is surrounded by thirteen stars representing the states of early America. The reverse depicts the image of a bald eagle, which would become a well identified symbol of the country. The eagle appears within a wreath. The denomination was expressed not on the obverse or reverse, but on the edge inscription of the coin.

The series was short lived, lasting only two years. Other mintage details on the series:

  • Production took place in 1794 and 1795 at Philadelphia.
  • The lowest mintage occurred in the first year.
  • The highest mintage occurred in the second and final year.

Flowing Hair Dollar Mintages

Source: FlowingHairDollar.com