Proof State Quarters Mintage

The popular 50 State Quarters Program was launched in 1999 and began a resurgence in interest in coin collecting. During the course of the ten year series, fifty different quarters would be issued to represent each of the states of the union. The mintages for the Proof State Quarters were only a fraction of the massive numbers of quarters minted for circulation. These collector versions of the coins were only issued within certain collectible products offered by the United States Mint.

Proof State Quarter

The obverse design of each State Quarter features a portrait of George Washington based on the work of John Flanagan. For the present series, William Cousins performed modifications to the original design. The reverse design of each quarter features a unique design representing each state. Over the years, the depictions have included important people or places associated with the state, outlines of the state map, or symbols related to the state.