State Quarters Mintage

The State Quarters series began in 1998 following the Washington Quarters series. A uniquely designed quarter was released to honor each of the 50 States in the order that they ratified the Constitution or joined the Union. The obverse design featured a modified version of John Flanagan’s original portrait of George Washington and the reverse design featured the unique design for each state. The State Quarters series has been credited with introducing millions of people to coin collecting and inspiring a generation to take a closer look at their pocket change.

Hawaii Quarter

After all 50 states were honored, a second series known as the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters was issued in the following year to honor jurisdictions not classified as states.

For the State Quarters series:

  • There were a total of 100 different state, date, and mint mark combinations for circulation strike coins.
  • The total number of State Quarters produced for circulation was 34,797,600,000.
  • The highest mintage occurred for the 2000-P Virginia Quarter with 943,000,000.
  • The lowest mintage occurred for the 2008-D Oklahoma Quarter with 194,600,000.
  • The average State Quarter mintage was 347,976,000.

State Quarter Mintages

1999-P Delaware373,400,000
1999-D Delaware401,424,000
1999-P Pennsylvania349,000,000
1999-D Pennsylvania358,332,000
1999-P New Jersey363,200,000
1999-D New Jersey299,028,000
1999-P Georgia451,188,000
1999-D Georgia488,744,000
1999-P Connecticut688,744,000
1999-D Connecticut657,880,000
2000-P Massachusetts628,600,000
2000-D Massachusetts535,184,000
2000-P Maryland678,200,000
2000-D Maryland556,532,000
2000-P South Carolina742,576,000
2000-D South Carolina566,208,000
2000-P New Hampshire673,040,000
2000-D New Hampshire495,976,000
2000-P Virginia943,000,000
2000-D Virginia651,616,000
2001-P New York655,400,000
2001-D New York619,640,000
2001-P North Carolina627,600,000
2001-D North Carolina427,876,000
2001-P Rhode Island423,000,000
2001-D Rhode Island447,100,000
2001-P Vermont423,400,000
2001-D Vermont459,404,000
2001-P Kentucky353,000,000
2001-D Kentucky370,564,000
2002-P Tennessee361,600,000
2002-D Tennessee286,468,000
2002-P Ohio217,200,000
2002-D Ohio414,832,000
2002-P Louisiana362,000,000
2002-D Louisiana402,204,000
2002-P Indiana362,600,000
2002-D Indiana327,200,000
2002-P Mississippi290,000,000
2002-D Mississippi289,600,000
2003-P Illinois225,800,000
2003-D Illinois237,400,000
2003-P Alabama225,000,000
2003-D Alabama232,400,000
2003-P Maine217,400,000
2003-D Maine231,400,000
2003-P Missouri225,000,000
2003-D Missouri228,200,000
2003-P Arkansas228,000,000
2003-D Arkansas229,800,000
2004-P Michigan233,800,000
2004-D Michigan225,800,000
2004-P Florida240,200,000
2004-D Florida241,600,000
2004-P Texas278,800,000
2004-D Texas263,000,000
2004-P Iowa213,800,000
2004-D Iowa251,400,000
2004-P Wisconsin226,400,000
2004-D Wisconsin226,800,000
2005-P California257,200,000
2005-P California263,200,000
2005-P Minnesota239,600,000
2005-D Minnesota248,400,000
2005-P Oregon316,200,000
2005-D Oregon404,000,000
2005-P Kansas263,400,000
2005-D Kansas300,000,000
2005-P West Virginia365,400,000
2005-D West Virginia356,200,000
2006-P Nevada277,000,000
2006-D Nevada312,800,000
2006-P Nebraska318,000,000
2006-D Nebraska276,400,000
2006-P Colorado274,800,000
2006-D Colorado294,200,000
2006-P North Dakota305,800,000
2006-D North Dakota359,000,000
2006-P South Dakota245,000,000
2006-D South Dakota265,800,000
2007-P Montana257,000,000
2007-D Montana256,240,000
2007-P Washington265,200,000
2007-D Washington280,000,000
2007-P Idaho294,600,000
2007-D Idaho286,800,000
2007-P Wyoming243,600,000
2007-D Wyoming320,800,000
2007-P Utah255,000,000
2007-D Utah253,200,000
2008-P Oklahoma222,000,000
2008-D Oklahoma194,600,000
2008-P New Mexico244,200,000
2008-D New Mexico244,400,000
2008-P Arizona244,600,000
2008-D Arizona265,000,000
2008-P Alaska251,800,000
2008-D Alaska254,000,000
2008-P Hawaii254,000,000
2008-D Hawaii263,600,000

Source: State Quarter Guide