Flowing Hair Half Dimes Mintage

The Flowing Hair Half Dime was the smallest sized silver coin authorized under the Act of April 2, 1792, which established the United States Mint and regulated U.S. coinage. The coin’s design by Robert Scot features Liberty facing right with unbound hair flowing back. The reverse features an eagle with sings spread surrounded by a wreath.

Flowing Hair Half Dime

In accordance with the Mint Act, the coins had a purity of .8924 silver and a weight of 20.8 grams. More than half a century later, the specifications for the denomination would be adjusted with another Mint Act.

Despite the rarity of this issue, coins remain relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the prices for the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar and Half Dollar.

Mintage information for Flowing Hair Half Dimes:

  • Although coins are dated with 1794 or 1795, both issues were actually struck during 1795.
  • No record exist as to the mintage breakdown between the two dates, although it has been suggested that approximately 10% of the mintage was for 1794-dated coins and the remainder 1795-dated coins.
  • On an overall basis, the half dime has the lowest mintage of the Flowing Hair type silver coins.

Flowing Hair Half Dime Mintages

1794- 179586,416

Source: Flowing Hair Half Dime