Walking Liberty Half Dollars Mintage

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was first released in 1916, following a contest held to select a new design for the denomination. The winner of the contest was Adolph A. Weinman, who created a striking and iconic image of Liberty to grace the new half dollar. The obverse features Liberty’s full figure, walking towards the left. One hand holds olive branches and the other is outstretched. The reverse design features an eagle with wings raised in a confident stance.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The popularity of the design makes the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series a favorite of collectors. While a short set of the coins from 1941 to 1947 can be assembled without much difficulty, collecting the full series from 1916 to 1947 can be a challenge, particularly for mint state coins. There are a number of low mintage coins such as the 1921, 1921-D, and 1938-D, and conditionally rare coins such as the 1921-S.