Sacagawea Dollars Mintage

The United States Mint introduced the first golden colored dollar coins with the Sacagawea Dollars. The obverse design by Glenna Goodacre would feature a portrait of the Shoshone woman who had accompanied Lewis & Clark on their exploration of the western territories. Her newborn son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, is carried on her back. The reverse of the coin depicts an eagle in flight designed by Thomas D. Rodgers.

Sacagawea Dollars

This would represent the third series since the silver content had been removed from the denomination. Rather than a large diameter like the Eisenhower Dollars, or the similar characteristics to the quarter dollar seen for the Susan B. Anthony Dollars, the Sacagawea Dollars would feature a small diameter with a distinctive golden color and a plain edge. This would allow the coins to easily be distinguished within circulation.