Presidential Dollar Mintage

The Presidential Dollars were issued at a rate of four different designs per year from 2007 to 2015, with three designs issued in 2016 and one final coin added to the series in 2020. The coins prominently feature a bust of the United States President on the obverse, with a dramatic rendition of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse. Under the provisions of the Presidential $1 Coin Act, coins are only issued for presidents who have been deceased for at least two years.

2007 George Washington Presidential Dollar
2007 George Washington Presidential Dollar

Initially, the Presidential Dollars received a welcome reception from collectors. However, the coins failed to gain widespread use within commerce. This caused a stockpile of excess dollars to build within Treasury vaults despite a significant decrease in production. As a result, the Treasury Department announced at the end of 2011 its decision to suspend the production of the series for circulation.

Since 2012, Presidential Dollars have not been struck for circulation and have only been produced in limited numbers necessary to fulfill collectors’ demands. The United States Mint only offered these coins within 25-coin rolls and 250-coin bags at a premium to face value. Accordingly, mintage levels for the series significantly decreased. The U.S. Mint also issued Proof versions of Presidential Dollars within Presidential Dollar Proof Sets, as well as the annual Proof Set and Silver Proof Set.

Presidential Dollar Notes:

  • The First Spouse Gold Coins—24-karat gold coins honoring the presidents’ spouses while in office—were issued alongside the Presidential Dollars.
  •  The highest minted coin in the series is the inaugural 2007-P George Washington Presidential Dollar, with a mintage of 176,680,000.
  • The lowest minted Presidential Dollar is the 2015-P Reverse Proof Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Dollar with a mintage of 16,744.

2007 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2007-P George Washington176,680,000
2007-D George Washington163,680,000
2007-S Proof George Washington3,965,989
2007-P John Adams112,420,000
2007-D John Adams112,140,000
2007-S Proof John Adams3,965,989
2007-P Thomas Jefferson100,800,000
2007-D Thomas Jefferson102,810,000
2007-S Proof Thomas Jefferson3,965,989
2007-P James Madison84,560,000
2007-D James Madison87,780,000
2007-S Proof James Madison3,965,989

2008 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2008-P James Monroe64,260,000
2008-D James Monroe60,230,000
2008-S Proof James Monroe3,083,940
2008-P John Quincy Adams57,540,000
2008-D John Quincy Adams57,720,000
2008-S Proof John Quincy Adams3,083,940
2008-P Andrew Jackson61,180,000
2008-D Andrew Jackson61,070,000
2008-S Proof Andrew Jackson3,083,940
2008-P Martin Van Buren51,520,000
2008-D Martin Van Buren50,960,000
2008-S Proof Martin Van Buren3,083,940

2009 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2009-P William Henry Harrison43,260,000
2009-D William Henry Harrison55,160,000
2009-S Proof William Henry Harrison2,809,452
2009-P John Tyler43,540,000
2009-D John Tyler43,540,000
2009-S Proof John Tyler2,809,452
2009-P James K. Polk46,620,000
2009-D James K. Polk41,720,000
2009-S Proof James K. Polk2,809,452
2009-P Zachary Taylor41,580,000
2009-D Zachary Taylor36,680,000
2009-S Proof Zachary Taylor2,809,452

2010 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2010-P Millard Fillmore37,520,000
2010-D Millard Fillmore36,960,000
2010-S Proof Millard Fillmore2,224,613
2010-P Franklin Pierce38,220,000
2010-D Franklin Pierce38,360,000
2010-S Proof Franklin Pierce2,224,613
2010-P James Buchanan36,820,000
2010-D James Buchanan36,540,000
2010-S Proof James Buchanan2,224,613
2010-P Abraham Lincoln49,000,000
2010-D Abraham Lincoln48,020,000
2010-S Proof Abraham Lincoln2,224,613

2011 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2011-P Andrew Johnson35,560,000
2011-D Andrew Johnson37,100,000
2011-S Proof Andrew Johnson1,972,863
2011-P Ulysses S. Grant38,080,000
2011-D Ulysses S. Grant37,940,000
2011-S Proof Ulysses S. Grant1,972,863
2011-P Rutherford B. Hayes37,660,000
2011-D Rutherford B. Hayes36,820,000
2011-S Proof Rutherford B. Hayes1,972,863
2011-P James Garfield37,100,000
2011-D James Garfield37,100,000
2011-S Proof James Garfield1,972,863

2012 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2012-P Chester Arthur6,020,000
2012-D Chester Arthur4,060,000
2012-S Proof Chester Arthur1,438,743
2012-P Grover Cleveland (1st Term)5,460,000
2012-D Grover Cleveland (1st Term)4,060,000
2012-S Proof Grover Cleveland (1st Term)1,438,743
2012-P Benjamin Harrison5,640,000
2012-D Benjamin Harrison4,200,000
2012-S Proof Benjamin Harrison1,438,743
2012-P Grover Cleveland (2nd Term)10,680,000
2012-D Grover Cleveland (2nd Term)3,920,000

2013 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2013-P William McKinley4,760,000
2013-D William McKinley3,365,100
2013-S Proof William McKinley1,488,798
2013-P Theodore Roosevelt5,310,700
2013-D Theodore Roosevelt3,920,000
2013-S Proof Theodore Roosevelt1,503,943
2013-P William Howard Taft4,760,000
2013-D William Howard Taft3,360,000
2013-S Proof William Howard Taft1,488,798
2013-P Woodrow Wilson4,620,000
2013-D Woodrow Wilson3,360,000
2013-S Proof Woodrow Wilson1,488,798

2014 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2014-P Warren G. Harding6,160,000
2014-D Warren G. Harding3,780,000
2014-S Proof Warren G. Harding1,373,569
2014-P Calvin Coolidge4,480,000
2014-D Calvin Coolidge3,780,000
2014-S Proof Calvin Coolidge1,373,569
2014-P Herbert Hoover4,480,000
2014-D Herbert Hoover3,780,000
2014-S Proof Herbert Hoover1,373,569
2014-P Franklin D. Roosevelt4,760,000
2014-D Franklin D. Roosevelt3,920,000
2014-S Proof Franklin D. Roosevelt1,392,619

2015 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2015-P Harry S. Truman4,900,000
2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman16,812
2015-D Harry S. Truman3,500,000
2015-S Proof Harry S. Truman1,272,232
2015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower4,900,000
2015-P Reverse Proof Dwight D. Eisenhower16,744
2015-D Dwight D. Eisenhower3,645,998
2015-S Proof Dwight D. Eisenhower1,272,232
2015-P John F. Kennedy6,160,000
2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy49,051
2015-D John F. Kennedy5,180,000
2015-S Proof John F. Kennedy1,272,232
2015-P Lyndon B. Johnson7,840,000
2015-P Reverse Proof Lyndon B. Johnson23,905
2015-D Lyndon B. Johnson4,200,000
2015-S Proof Lyndon B. Johnson1,272,232

2016 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

2016-P Richard M. Nixon5,460,000
2016-D Richard M. Nixon4,340,000
2016-S Proof Richard M. Nixon1,196,582
2016-P Gerald R. Ford5,460,000
2016-D Gerald R. Ford5,040,000
2016-S Proof Gerald R. Ford1,196,582
2016-P Ronald Reagan7,140,000
2016-D Ronald Reagan5,880,000
2016-S Proof Ronald Reagan1,196,582
2016-S Reverse Proof Ronald Reagan47,447

2020 Presidential Dollar Mintages:

The mintages presented in the table below are subject to change and reflect the most current information as of November 9, 2023.

2020-P George H.W. Bush1,242,275
2020-D George H.W. Bush1,502,425
2020-S Reverse Proof George H.W. Bush11,251